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How do I get my site on the first page of Google/MSN/Yahoo? It's one of the most common questions we are asked, and one of the hardest to answer.

There a lots of ways to bring your site up to the top of the results. Experts will argue to no end the values of pay-per-click, keyword spamming, portals and hidden links, but the fact of the matter is, trickery is just that. Playing games with the search engines benefits no one in the long run. What good are search results that, rather than delivering the actual sites you're looking for, deliver sites that did everything in their power to decieve the system? Because of this, Google and the other big searches spend time trying to cut back on these deceptive practices, and each time they do, another trick becomes a straight ticket to the bottom of the rankings.

The fact is, there are simple rules to ranking high, and a lot of it boils down to plain effort on the part of the site owner to provide valid, useful and relevant content to the end user. In addition, clean coding and proper layout play a role. We have a simple system here at NOCO. We follow the rules set forth by the very companies who determine your ranking and we work hard to keep your content fresh and relevant.

can't I do that myself?

Yes, you can. You can also fix your own car, cut your own hair and make your own pizza, but some things are just more effective when you have them done by a professional. This is what we do. Lisa is our resident SEO expert and has a track record that stands by itself. There are no guarantees, and we evaluate your SEO program regularly to ensure it's living up to your expectations. Our rates are reasonable and are a drop in the bucket compared to traditional advertising that produces unknown results.

I went to a seminar that told me to create tons of pages of useless content on my site to fool the engines and get ranked for my competitors keywords

It's unfortunate that SEO has come to this. The original intent of search engines was to benefit the SEARCHER, not the companies in the results. As with any business, there are people who will capitalize on flaws at any cost. We will not engage in any tricks or purposeful misdirection of the search engines. It's our stance and we stand firm on it. As a business owner, you're often given the choice of doing the right thing or playing games to make a little extra money. You decide how you'd like to position yourself as a company.

Social Networking and Viral Marketing consulting services also available. Current SEO Clients:


Organic Search Engine Marketing and Social Networking Consulting

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